Sea Island Forge Cooking

I’ve been a huge fan of outdoor live-fire cooking for quite some time, and I wanted to step up my backyard game so recently I decided to invest in a fire kettle and cooking accessories from Sea Island Forge.

I opted for the 50 gallon kettle because I’ve got a big yard and wanted to be able to cook for the masses, but if you need a smaller version the 30 is a great way to go.

I’ve fired it up a few times now and absolutely love cooking on it. Controlling the coals and the wood fire gives you flexibility and flavor in your cooking. I’ve got two grill grates that can raise and lower over the fire, as well as a griddle and a fire-side burner that can hold skillets, cast iron or even coffee pots.

Cooking in this style takes me back to tailgate parties or deer camps where I learned how to cook steaks with my did over open mesquite fire and roast potatoes on the hot coals. I can’t wait to entertain more guests with my new pit, or just sit by the fire with a few friends and a nice glass of whiskey.

If you’re interested in a Sea Island Forge kettle for outdoor cooking or just as a backyard fire pit, you can find them on their website where you can also browse all of the accessories. They make great gifts, and for Father’s Day they’re also including my trio of new BBQ Rubs!